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Familiar Photocopier Problems and Solutions

Just like any other office equipment, photocopiers have their own share of problems. Some problems can be easy to diagnose while others require the attention of an expert. Copier troubles can lower your business’s productivity while increase your equipment repair and replacement costs.


Paper jamsphotocopierproblem

Sheets of paper can get jammed around paper trays or exit rollers. Ensure the machine is off when correcting this problem. You can check the paper for moisture and replace. Try correcting the problem by wiping inside the machine and the feed tires. Remove dust out of the paper path and paper fragments to avoid recurring jams. Paper jam problems related to sensors, exit rollers and worn gears may require an expert to fix.


Dark pages

If your copiers are printing dark pages, you may want to adjust exposure settings. You can also check the toners and cartridges and change them to see if the problem is solved. If density is set too dark, you may have dark copies. Try to lighten the image by adjusting the density control. Dark pages may also be caused by wearing out of the drum, which can cause an image problem. You can replace it to correct the problem.


Spots on Page

If your page seems to have drops or spots of toner, the developer unit may be causing this problem. A developer unit contains hollow core rollers. Replace the faulty developer unit. A drum with a defect can cause repeat spotting down the page. If the machine is dirty, you may also have spots on your copies. Clean the machine and service the parts that may be causing the problems.


Voided areas

Your copies may have voided areas or light lines. This can be caused by a lack of toner, poor quality in paper or moisture in the machine. Replace the drum if it is failing to accept the charge to hold the toner. Check if the ink is empty in your ink jet style copier or if the ink print head is clogged.


Double imagingphotocopierproblem2

Duplication of images in unwanted areas may happen when using paper with a plastic letterhead or pre-printed thermal ink. This is another common problem experienced by many owners of photocopiers. Duplication of images may be caused by a faulty fuser assembly. Misalignment of the drum and toner inside the toner cartridge can cause the problem. You can contact the manufacturer if you have a warranty or a professional photocopier technician.


Wrinkly pages

Worn exit rollers and feed may be culprits to wrinkly pages. A fuel assembly can also fail easily and cause this problem. Paper can also feed at an angle which can make the pages wrinkle. Replace worn paper trays, fuser assembly, and exit and feed rollers. Check for moisture in pages and replace if necessary.


Tips to prevent copier problems:

Clean the unit regularly

Use a surge protector to protect the equipment from voltage spikes

Remove paper jams out the way it travels

Replace cleaning pads, service items, parts, fuser oils and Ozone filters when needed

Never pull hard on jammed paper

Call an expert if you are not sure about the problem or solution

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